Hippo Campus Performs Energetic Set At 'Lolla 2017

Hippo Campus Performs Energetic Set At 'Lolla 2017

I have become a fan of Hippo Campus by way of their energetic, 2017 'Lolla performance. I was streaming highlights from the Red Bull channel, and I hear these Jerry Garcia guitar leads bouncing happily over rock riffs, which got me interested. What really hooked me were the vocal melodies. "Suicide Saturday?" It sounded anthemic, and the crowd was chanting. Who were these guys? I had to know.

I started Googling. Meanwhile, my little iPhone speakers came to life with sounds reminding me of the Artic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend, and early Brit Pop. The Housemartins (a young Paul Heaton with "The World's On Fire" range), The Smiths, Squeeze, and Suede. A rather British sound for a band that hails from Minnesota.

The closest us Chicagoans will get to them is Milwaukee, where they play Turner Hall on a Sunday night @ 8pm, November 19th. They are coming back to Chicago in February, but I have to see them before then.

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