Getting Your Laptop Back After Leaving It At The Airport

Getting Your Laptop Back After Leaving It At The Airport

This is an update to a story I wrote last week: Losing Your Laptop At An Airport Security Checkpoint.


After leaving my laptop behind at the airport security checkpoint in Orlando, I did get it back. We had to pay $40 to have them ship it to us. It was expensive, but UPS said there was no other choice!?

They said it would arrive in three days, yet it came in five. But still, I should feel so lucky?

I spent two days on the phone answering questions about a laptop that I left in line at a security checkpoint. It was left there because one of the TSA employees took it out of my bag to swipe it, for who knows what, and never put it back in my bag. I got on the plane thinking it was in my bag, and flew home without it.


Three phone calls, and two unanswered phone messages later, it seems the MCO Airport Lost and Found had it. I was talking to a man who was putting me through a game of twenty questions, to see if this was really my computer. The weirdest part was, he asked for my password!? "I'm not sure I should give it to you," I said. "That's the only way I can confirm it's yours," he said.

I gave him the password, he got into the laptop, and said, "It's yours!" Well, no shit? "Great, thanks," I said. They sent it and we just got it back.
I'm happy to have it back, though I still feel mad that I ended up in this situation in the first place.

Lesson learned. Always make sure you check that everything is back in your bag, even if YOU didn't take it out of your bag, before you get on any plane.

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