Dent May Covers "Right Down The Line" (Gerry Rafferty)

Dent May Covers "Right Down The Line" (Gerry Rafferty)

Satellite radio plays some of the coolest music that you wish terrestrial radio was playing. If it wasn't for SiriusXMU, I wouldn't have known that Dent May covered one of my all time favorite songs, "Right Down The Line," by Gerry Rafferty. He doesn't "toy" with the song he says, or change the arrangement. What he does is a give a nice nod to Rafferty and his knack for moody pop.


Through one, moving listen I was alerted to The Lagniappe Sessions, where May covers some of his favorite songs from the past.

"Right Down The Line" (Gerry Rafferty), "Living On An Island (Status Quo), "When Am I Gonna Make A Living" (Sade)

The response to this session has been positive and I'm hoping it will end up on Spotify.

I also wanted to mention how much I'm enjoying his new record, Across The Multiverse, and his electric sound in general. It's taken a few albums to find out who he is after the 'Magnificent Ukulele, but check out this little Beatles-sounding gem that closes the album.

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