Budget Car Rental Goes "Up In Smoke"

Budget Car Rental Goes "Up In Smoke"

We arrived at the Budget rental counter around 10:30pm. The representative confirmed our reservation of a standard SUV ("FORD EDGE or similar").

"Great thanks," we said, and were on our way. After walking about a half mile, we arrived at a car that looked much smaller than what we paid for.

If that wasn't annoying enough, it reeked of marijuana. From the first second we opened the door, until the moment we dropped it off, six days later, this car emanated cannabis.

Each day it was the same thing from my girls, "Dad this car reeks like "garbage," "poop," and "skunks."' My wife had a few choice terms of her own, that I can't repeat here (insert Snoop Dogg joke).

We tried to get a different car that night, before we drove to the hotel. But when my wife walked back to inquire, she witnessed another couple screaming at the representative. Instead of getting caught in the middle of a dangerous fight, she came back and explained that we would just have to keep this car until the next morning.

I barely got all of our stuff in that small, stinky SUV. My wife was angry, and the kids were tired. She looks at me and says, "There's no way we can keep this car. Budget will have to bring us out a new one in the morning!?"


Well, that never happened. I called Budget for three straight days, speaking with two customer service representatives and one supervisor. The supervisor said he would have somebody call me back with a solution. They never returned my call. I've been in touch with Costco now to see if they can help?

I'm not sure how any person in their right mind could think this car was ready to rent? My wife still believes they rented us someone's personal vehicle?

It was the worst experience I've had with a rental company and just embarrassing for my family. This is not what a family of two young, Disney destined girls, shoots for.

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