That $100 Bill I Found? It Was Counterfeit.

That $100 Bill I Found? It Was Counterfeit.

Last summer I found half of a hundred dollar bill. Then I found the other half, about 200 feet away. I wasn't sure if it was real so I took it to the nearest Chase bank.


They told me it looked fake and that I should send it in to U.S. Department of The Treasury. So, I did that.

Here is the update to last years blog post, Found Money: That Time I Found Half of a $100 Bill…and Then The Other Half.

After much anticipation, and waiting almost six months, the Treasury rejected the $100.00, and referred it to the secret service (or "seret" service as they mistyped).


They said it was counterfeit. So, maybe I'm being investigated? Who cares?

Me! Because now I'm wishing I would've tried to tape it and spend it. I'm angry and, frankly, just too honest.

In the last post I mentioned my hunt for the other half of the hundred felt spitirual. If found and verified real, I vowed to tithe that other $50.
Well, neither myself, or the church is getting any money, and I'm a bit bummed.

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