Picking Up Screws and Nails Can Save A Flat Tire

Picking Up Screws and Nails Can Save A Flat Tire

Pick up screws and nails in your alley, that way you won't run over them. Seems like a simple idea, right?

Every day, when I walk or run, I scour the alleys and streets for anything sharp.

I use to just kick them out of the way. Now I pick them up.

I have a pretty big collection of nails, screws, and washers that I've found, and have used in many of my everyday projects.


So, instead of ending up in your tire, they end up in my walls.

It's not a karma thing, it's an obvious thing. There's been too many times I've walked past piles of screws and nails and have wondered how they got there.

I have a few ideas: Comcast and RCN. Also, I've seen both metal scrappers, and construction workers open their truck beds to load, and then leave.

When they pull away, there's a nice little pile of debris waiting to slash your tires.

So, these days, I've been cleaning those up. And anything else I see that could cause a morning headache, or evening disaster.

I'm saving the world, one screw at a time.

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