My New Favorite Rapper Is Healy

My New Favorite Rapper Is Healy

If you asked me who my favorite rapper, or artist, was at this moment, I would have to say Healy.
A month ago I saw the soulful emcee perform at the Portage Theater and was blown away by his captivating stage presence.

Since then I have been studying his wordplay and picking apart each lyric. He might be a better singer than he is a rapper, but for me, the lyrics are the treasure.

"Slalom" was my initial addiction. My daughter can now sing the hook with me, in her 4 year old voice, "Bright lights, big city/I got the top down, do your hair all pretty, girl."
Then came "Phantoms," which has stayed with me since the live show. Ever heard an emcee talk about heaven, his sister, and Inspector Gadget?

"It's been a minute since I've stepped up/Battle with my atoms that began to uncle fester
Beside myself when I see my reflection/We're all 7 minutes from heaven
7 deadly sins just to get my bread leavened/MJ tippy toes I ain't get stepped on
Little sis see my life as direction/Blood thicker than the body I reflect on
Go go gadget chest up/Now I'm feelin festive/I ain't taking no shots. Boy I got my vest on"

His flow might be the best around, and I love the jazzy, bluesy beats that encompass his style. Healy is one to watch, possibly the future of hip hop.

New music is in the works, but for now Healy is on Soundcloud, and Spotify, where at one point last year, he was one of the Top 100 artists.

Take a listen for yourself. More info is available at BRAINTRUST.

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