TONIGHT: Felly Brings Smooth Flow To Chicago's Portage Theater

TONIGHT: Felly Brings Smooth Flow To Chicago's Portage Theater

It's easy to grow old and lament that things aren't as good as they used to be. People have been screaming hip hop is dead for years now.

I used to call it rap, now they call it hip hop. That's about all that's changed.

What's dead are the record labels, and the old-man, fat-cat gatekeepers.

The good news is, for newcomers like Felly, they can create, upload, and build a following on the 'net, from the comfort of their dorm room ( 2273 Records).

Through his slick production and smooth rhymes, Fel has created quite a buzz, as witnessed on You Tube, SoundCloud, and

Now you can see his act live as he travels across the country headlining THE MERMAID GANG TOUR.

Young gun Felly brings his smooth flow to Chicago's Portage Theater tonight where we glimpse a style of the new.

Flow-wise, I'm hearing Lil Wayne, Drake, and Mac Miller. Beat-wise, I'm hearing some Tribe Called Quest in these jazzy joints, with a bit of reggae and trance?

There's a new generation of rappers building upon the past, and taking the genre to where they believe it should be.

Tonight we'll see if this Fel-low is for real? Who's going?


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