To Age Or Not To Age: Cleaning Out The Beer Cellar

To Age Or Not To Age: Cleaning Out The Beer Cellar

To age or not to age? That is the million dollar question. This week I've been trying to answer that question, in an honest manner, as I clean out my beer cellar.

For the last few years my wife has been gifting me her own version of the 12 Beers Of Christmas. She hand picks 10-15 awesome bombers, and surprises me with one a day up until Christmas Eve. With all that beer coming in again, it's time for me to clean off those shelfs of old beer I thought would age well.


What I thought would be a drain pour has turned out to be so much more. This 2009 Arcadia Ales "Hop Rocket (11th Anniversary Ale)" has stood the test of time.

Right off the top you still get a floral scent, and shockingly, the hops have held up. At first, the 'Rocket tastes like a golden gone wrong, or like it was fermented with wild yeast. Now hinting at Brett, there is a bit of pleasant sour here.

But first, as it warms, I get a lot of fruit. Some apricot, some oranges, and clementine. There's even a bit of lemon zest on the fade.

Crazy to think that there is still a hop presence. Most hoppy beers die a slow death. The Arcadia bottling line must make an Ex-Machina-like seal. I know your not supposed to age hoppy beers, but this was a happy accident.

I would love to revisit Hop Rocket fresh, seeing that it's become a yearly release. Which is good because this might make a good vertical.

Thumbs up to cellaring this brew.

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