Hey Rosetta Perform Their Album Of The Year In Chicago

November was a whirlwind month for the family. The first part of the month saw us good beer hunting in Grand Rapids, while the second half had us living in Disney heaven for a week. Or hell, however you look at it.

We celebrated Thanksgiving, our daughters 3rd birthday, and then hauled home the biggest Clark Griswold Christmas tree yet.

When we sat down to talk November schedules, before this crazy month began, I asked my wife to block off a Sunday to see Hey Rosetta perform my favorite album of 2015, and she obliged.


Club lights dimmed to accentuate a shiny gold backdrop. Strategically placed light bulbs warmed the stage with a celestial glow. Seven members take the stage, finding their spots like pieces of a puzzle.

One by one their instruments begin to hum. Keyboards reverberate, bounce off walls, and pickup speed. The other pieces of instrumentation wait for their cue, as Tim Baker's timely dispersed vocals tug on the emotion of the audience.

"Ye lowlives, laughing too much/Never close your eyes, til the suns coming up/Underslept, overdreamt." This is "Promise."

I'm getting butterflies, and I peek at my wife to see her response. She nods and smiles, verifying a years worth of CD spins, and endless banter about the Canadian seven-piece indie rock band from St. John's, Newfoundland.

Hey Rosetta is everything. Pop, rock, gospel, and experimental. There isn't a band on the planet doing it better right now, and not-a-one more important. Not Coldplay, not Adele, not Drake.

Second Sight is the best record released in 2015. If you haven't had a listen yet, you owe it to yourself to hear this record.

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