Bourbon County Stout Night Leaves Customers Frustrated

Bourbon County Stout Night Leaves Customers Frustrated

We were frustrated because we felt like we were lied to.

The folks over at Pintley Events promoted a "Bourbon County Stout Night," at Dark Horse Tap & Grille, promising all of the BCS variants, including the RARE. Which, turns out, was just that.

As I arrived I was greeted by a couple, who were leaving, saying "Their out of everything already!"

"Are you kidding?" I said. "Nope," the girl responded. "All they have left on tap now is the Barleywine and Stout."


Ugh. I would have NEVER taken a $10 Uber down for that! No ONE WOULD HAVE! Every person I spoke with said the same thing, "We were hoping to try the RARE!"

But that ship sank instantly, into the Goose Island harbor of riches. We were told it was available "a little while ago," for $150 a bottle. What? A little while ago? The event was slated to start at 7pm, and I was maybe 3 minutes late. Something was amiss.

Also, you might want to mention in the promotion that it was only available in bottle form for $150 DOLLARS, and that all other glasses of BCS would start a $15 a pour! That's price gouging, but even so, let people make up their minds before they trudge out in the cold. I would rather have stayed home and enjoyed something from my cellar.

This Bourbon County Stout Night was a fail and I will definitely "CALL AHEAD" next time!

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