TONIGHT: The Features Bring The Funk Back To Chicago

TONIGHT: The Features Bring The Funk Back To Chicago

The Features return to Chicago tonight and bring their funky, new set to Subterranean.

Fans of  the band are aware of their ever changing take on rock and roll, and this latest batch of songs is no exception.

Last year's single, the "Good Old Days," gave us a glimpse into the future. It was chock-full of fuzzed out bass-lines, and synth-fueled, syncopated beats.

With songs like "Dreams," "The Message," and "I Know Better," the Nashville outfit continue down that path.

Great songwriting is always key with The Features. So for those of you who are not familiar with the band, if you go tonight, I can promise you you'll leave singing a few of their songs.

Also, word on the street is the new LP might be available at the show. Just another reason to get out of the house tonight.

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