The Features Continue To Deliver A Raucous Live Set

The Features Continue To Deliver A Raucous Live Set

Nothing has changed with The Features.

Well, except Matt Pelham looks like John Lennon during his Plastic Ono Band phase. Thank god no one was chirping like Yoko in the background at Subterranean on this night.


They are still raucous, and still rocking all of their classics.

They blew through scorching versions of "The Way It's Meant to Be," "Blow It Out," "The Temporary Blues," "Big Mama," and "The Idea of Growing Old." "The 'Idea," by the way, sounds so Lennon-esque.

Other highlights included "The Drawing Board," a new riff on "Rambo," "Another One," the keyboard-driven "This Disorder," and "The New Romantic," as well as the crowd favorite "Thursday."

There aren't many bands who can fill a room better, and I can't believe I am still seeing them in clubs this quaint.

Fans were also treated to a few new songs. "The Message," seems to pick up where "Good Old Days" left off. Its tight drumming and off-kilter funk was received with big applause.

"Connie," is my favorite off of the new record, and could be the song of the summer if met with the right hands.

It's one of the best songs they have written to date, and showcases a new direction for the band. This syncopated, sun-drenched, keyboard-driven pop is refreshing.

The Features continue to mature as songwriters, and I can't wait until they return to perform this record in full.

You can buy the new record now, at shows, or wait for the national release, which won't happen until next year, early 2016.
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