Cellar Dweller: Here's What I'm Drinking This Thanksgiving

Cellar Dweller: Here's What I'm Drinking This Thanksgiving

I went into the cellar last night, and came our with a '13 Perennial Peace Offering. In case you were wondering, the "fam" is getting along fine, so this is not a statement drink. Although, it could be. My daughter has been fiercely battling me on this potty training issue, so we could use more peace there.

The 'Offering is "An American Brown Ale, brewed with a few hundred pounds of maple roasted Missouri squash. The brewers also added cinnamon and cloves to make this beer a perfect companion to hearty dinners or seasonal desserts. The harmonious marriage between spices and squash allow this beer to remind you of the best qualities that arrive with autumn."


It should be easy drinking, as The ABV is a low 6.30%, and some of the spice should be on the fade. I wanted something festive, in hopes that maybe even the mother in law will sip sumthin' this year.

Happy Holidays to you and yours. Mine will be playing Christmas music ad infinitum. In context, it usually means "continue forever, without limit."


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