The Districts Bring Energetic Live Act To Chicago's Metro

This is Rock N Roll

I woke up early Sunday morning with "Chlorine" in my head. No, this wasn't some Jason Bourne experiment where I was trying to bleach all my memories. "Chlorine" is a song by The Districts, that was performed so well the previous night at Metro, I could not extricate it from my cranium.

I got in the car and proceeded to work. Dialed up track 3, and shuffled through a counsel full of CD's for the tiny, handwritten, lyric book that comes with their latest 10-song tale. Which, by the way, I hate folding out CD covers to read lyrics, and I hate that the print is so small. I don't know who came up with these ideas, but I curse them. Give me less photos and art work, and MORE lyrics, in a READABLE book!

Now I was singing along. "It's not the same/No one is feeling it now." What a relief. I got my fix, and my brain could focus on the work ahead.

This 4-piece act from Pennsylvania brought a seasoned sound, with frenetic energy. I had only seen them perform on on Late Night with Seth Myers, where the band was a tad more tame. I didn't know what to expect and, for that reason, I was pleasantly surprised.

Half way through the raucous set, and realizing there were songs I was unfamiliar with, I went into Spotify and created playlists for both of their albums that I never knew existed.
I've only been focused on A Flourish and a Spoil, the latest release from The Districts, but that changes from this moment forward.
Back and forth across the stage all night, the band moved. And we moved, to crowd favorites "Peaches," "4th and Roebling," "Young Blood," "Suburban Smell," and "Long Distance."

I felt like I had seen this before, in Dinosaur Jr., Buffalo Tom, and numerous other bands I'd viewed at Metro. A dialed in version of garage rock, with a soulful take on the art form, that when done right, feels oh so new.

If you still have a chance to catch these youngsters reinventing rock, live, go out and do it!

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