A Brewery Trip Through Raleigh, North Carolina

A Brewery Trip Through Raleigh, North Carolina

Fresh off a family trip to North Carolina, I am still reeling from our comprehensive brewery jaunt.

With 3 kids in tow, 5 adults hit 7 breweries, 2 bottle shops, and 1 children's museum, in less than 1 week.

I built a slideshow with some great pictures and fun facts, but I wanted to delve even further into the beers themselves.

So, listed my favorite beer from each of those 7 breweries, along with the style, its namesake, and description. Here goes...

Aviator Brewing-Pumpkin-"PumpkinBeast"-A shaker glass rimmed with sugar and spice gives way to subtle pumpkin flavoring. This deep brown brew is great in small doses. Most of the beers were basic, but the smokehouse is worth visiting for the food alone.


Big Boss Brewing- Sour-"Saints And Sinners"-Dark brown Tart & Tiny's drop on your tongue, and the sour hour begins. Staying the course with dried fruit, fig, and candy corn. A second draft might be in order if this place didn't have so many other choices. The taproom is upstairs. A very dark and industrial-like feel, quaint and low-key. Not too well suited for children, though we pulled it off. For young adults, this would be the place.


Crank Arm Brewing-2xIPA-"Tandem"-Nice and dank. Citrus and pine hops create a silky soup of bitter resin. Wish I could've had the full pour. This place screamed Chicago, and I loved the vibe. Community tables, long, rustic, and wooden, with bike sculptures throughout. This gem sits right across from one of the best barbecue restaurants in all of North Carolina, The Pit.


Draft Line Brewing-Octoberfest-"Marzen"-Creamy and smooth, almost hinting at a brown ale. Great fall beer, and the short pour was the perfect size.

IMG_5754 IMG_5759

Neuse River Brewing-Imperial Saison-"Neusiok"-Light and breezy. A mild tart opening, with a honeysuckle fade.

IMG_5730 IMG_5737

Still working out the kinks here, as my dbl IPA tasted unfinished. But this place had an open-air feel and toys for kids, which I've seen nowhere else. Kudos to them for embracing their demographic, and making this place KID FRIENDLY.

Raleigh Brewing-Pale Ale-"Dear 'ol Dixie-"What can I say? My wife found this place and the reviews were great. So we went, and had one of those life changing pale ales! A hop forward, floral and pine delight. So good, I took home a 6-rack of cans!

IMG_5683 IMG_5694

Trophy Brewing-Citra Saison-"Best In Show"-Hipster heaven. I went in and not a single person batted an eye at me; or said hello. A small scale brewery where the beers are worth braving the hip-ness for.


This guest tap I had from Lynwood Brewing, called the "Full Nelson," was out of this world! It was an Imperial Red IPA that was dark red, malty right through, but the pine it doth cometh!

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