Is Derrick Rose Out Of Touch?

Is Derrick Rose Out Of Touch?

Struck by the hand of god after going on TV and saying he was "great?" Or, was it was it just an elbow to the face from a teammate during the Bulls first practice?

However you want to look at Derrick Rose's latest injury, it's not good.

This orbital fracture is the 7th significant injury to the franchise player since 2012. To add insult to injury, NO ONE is sure when he can return.

Maybe even worse, was his commentary from that press conference a few days back. You know the one, where he talked about free agency, contract extensions, and "the financial security of his family," again.

The comments were not becoming, and he is sounding less and less like the humble D. Rose we have grown to love.

But every rose has it's thorn. The D. Rose of late has talked about his money a lot over the last two seasons, enough to make people weary.

Just to clear things up for anyone keeping track. The Chicago Bulls point guard scored $34 million in salary and endorsement deals in the last year. That's just in the last year!

"The bulk of that income stems from the 13-year, $185 million deal he signed with Adidas in 2010 after winning NBA MVP. Rose also has endorsement deals with Powerade, Skullcandy headphones, Wilson Sporting Goods Co., 2K Sports and Giordano's pizza. Knee injury or not, Rose is still one of the most marketable NBA athletes. His endorsement earnings trail only James ($38 million) and Bryant ($20 million) in the NBA."

His family will be fine, and so will his contract, if he just steps up and plays ball.

I'm a fan of D. Rose, and I have always remarked at how cool he was. I loved his simple, soft spoken demeanor.

But, these days, I'm wondering what happened to our ordinary hero?

Is Derrick Rose out of touch?


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