Tastes Like Chocolate: 2012 Dubhe Imperial Black IPA

Tastes Like Chocolate: 2012 Dubhe Imperial Black IPA

Last night's surprise was hidden behind a label-less Dogfishhead Aprihop, in the left-hand corner of my ever changing beer fridge. I try to move my stock around as frequently as I can, but sometimes I find bottles that were lost in the endless shuffle.

I found this Dubhe Imperial Black IPA floating in the back. Not wanting to drink a lot on a week night, I figured if it was bad I would just pour it out.

IMG_6887 IMG_6888

The date reads March 19th, 2012, so I wasn't expecting anything glorious to come out of the bottle. But, as always, I have to try the brew to see how it's changed. The metamorphosis is the exciting part.

This one was all Count Chocula, and Cocoa Pebbles! A huge whiff of chocolate off the top, which stayed in place until the bitter end. There was no noticeable hop presence left in this beer. All that grapefruit and pine, other reviewers had described, had faded some two and a half years later.

What was left was some oats, figs, and a little coffee as it faded. Oh yeah, and a little booze. Still a really nice beer. More stout like characteristics, than a Black IPA. But this science project was successful.

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