Tales From The Beer Fridge: DogfishHead "Aprihop" from 7/27/2009

Tales From The Beer Fridge: DogfishHead "Aprihop" from 7/27/2009

Not too long ago I wrote about the jumbling of bottles in my beer fridge. You see, as I'm adding new stock, some of the older drinks get hidden.

Last week I found a 2012 Dubhe Imperial Black IPA, and last night I finally drank that labeless DogfishHead Aprihop, that has been hanging around taking up space.

Sometimes I just want that fresh taste of a recently purchased IPA. I want the fresh pine in my nose and the bitter zing on my tongue. Other nights, depending on my mood, I'm up for a science project.

Scope The Date! Oldie but Goodie?

Scope The Date! Oldie but Goodie?

Well, the investigation went off without a hitch. The experiment was successful. But the end result of this five year old, apricot infused, IPA, wasn't great.

The beer was still carbonated, believe it or not, though the head faded fast.

The first sip literally tasted one parts brown ale and one parts cherry cola.
Next, a caramel peanut butter cup swishes around my mouth, and settles on my tongue. So far, not bad.
The aftertaste is like a stale spoon of oatmeal; it's starting to get worse...

A little chocolate lingers, and the fade is one of very mellow booze.


That's about the gist of it. There wasn't too much left to write home about. There was no sign of hops anywhere in this this bottle, but it's always fun to see how these liquids break down.

NOTE: I love the way Dogfish Head posts the date right out in the open, on top of the bottle. So. Cool.


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