Drowners Band To Play Chicago's Beat Kitchen

Some Johnny Marr-esque finger stylings, a Suede-like vocal delivery, and a pop in the drum beat that's reminiscent of The Strokes. Those are just a few of the influences I heard while listening to Drowners latest single "Luv, Hold Me Down."

If you don't know any of those bands or musicians I listed, don't panic. I'm old; and you...are young. Comparisons can only get you so far, and you shouldn't get wrapped up in other peoples opinions anyway.

So, watch the video, and see for yourself. Drowners have a style all their own.

If your wondering, there is no "The" in the band name. They are simply called, Drowners. They are headlining the #STANDFORSOMETHING tour, and their full length record is a self-titled release on Frenchkiss Records.

Oh yeah, the record sounds really good.



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