Casanova Liquors & The Renaissance of Beer

Casanova Liquors & The Renaissance of Beer
This way for pure beer magic!

Every couple of years we take a trip up north to Luck, Wisconsin. Some friends of ours have a gorgeous piece of property that sits atop Bone Lake. It's relaxing to be miles away from the city, with no cares but for beer and cheese.

Speaking of beer, I begged my wife to make a second excursion south, to Casanova Liquors, for more of that splendid liquid.

We made the trek up in an hour and, thankfully, my daughter fell asleep. In an effort not to wake the sleeping baby, my wife stayed in the car, telling me to go in and "explore the space (an SNL reference if you didn't catch it)."

If you've never been, this is the greatest liquor store on earth. The selection is vast, and once inside, it's hard to make a decision. Confusion set in quickly, and I had to ask myself several times, what I was looking for.

Remember the first time you entered Toys"R"Us, and saw the shelves stacked floor to ceiling? It feels like that.

Overwhelmed, I caught the first employee I saw and asked for help. "If you could take anything home that I couldn't get in Illinois, what would it be?"

Toppling Goliath. That was the brew he couldn't stop talking about. I know how I ramble when I love something. So, I knew that this was the brew I wanted to take home. His favorite TG was the Pseudo Sue (Pale Ale), but they were out of that. He did have their Golden Nugget (IPA) in growler form, so I took two of those after a quick sample.


We drank the growler on the water, and it was a 'Nugget of heaven. I've been stalking Toppling Goliath on the internet now, and will have to talk my wife into road tripping there.

It's no longer a secret that this is the Golden Age of Beer. A Renaissance of Craft Beer, where we search out the best. If it's good, we become obsessed with everything they do. If they build it, we will come.



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