Waking Up With My Morning Jacket

For the last week, I have been walking around my house singing the first line of "One Big Holiday." Holiday is a song by My Morning Jacket from their groundbreaking third album, It Still Moves. Since pulled from the cut out bins, I have been addicted to this one phrase: "Waking up feeling...good and limber."

After a minute and a half intro, lead singer Jim James comes in belting these lyrics, and they beg for your attention. This; is the point I love...

Artist/Album: My Morning Jacket-It Still Moves

Reason For Purchase: I wanted to get a good listen to this record after loving Evil Urges and Z. I had heard a few tracks off of It Still Moves but never gave it a proper run through.

Songs To Hear: "Mahgeetah" starts the trip off perfectly. Throw it in when you begin traveling! "One Big Holiday," is my jam, and "Golden" is absolutely beautiful. "Run Thru," "Dancefloors," and "Just One Thing," also deserve your attention.

Why You Want It?: This is the record just before these hillbillies blew up! It signals the start of a giant sized rock band, both in songwriting and production. The country twang is present, combined with the rock and roll anthems. It's a great listen.


Final Thoughts: The record is close to perfection. It might run a little long, but they jam the hell out of each song. It's great campfire music, or perfect for an afternoon cook out.

James and the band sound like The Allman Brothers, or The Eagles at times. Hard to say, but it's soulful.

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