Southern Tier Cherry Saison Aged In My Cellar For 7 Years

Southern Tier Cherry Saison Aged In My Cellar For 7 Years

Southern Tier's Imperial Cherry Saison, an ale brewed with cherries, and aged with oak. I finally drank it, and it was good. Really good.

It was one of the oldest beers in my collection, and I was waiting for the perfect occasion.

So, I got tired of waiting. How about a beautiful after noon in the city of Chicago with sausages from Paulina Meat Market? Done!

Many times I've waited WAY too long to drink things in my beer cellar (or shelf). This was not one of those times. The timing was perfect.

You can see from the picture, the beer had a great body, and a grapefruit like color. It poured a frothy, white head, and was still highly carbonated.

It was tart, very tart. Not quite a sour, but still a little mouth puckering. It was refreshing, and ended crisp with hints of cherry on the tongue.


It was sweet, and a little smoky. I'm not sure where the smoke came from, but it was present. There were characteristics of a Belgian styled beer, as well, that I can't pinpoint, but that's what it reminded me of.

Overall, it ended up being an easy drinking, full bodied, lightly flavored fruit beer.

I'm going to see if this beer is still being made and when it's released so I can do the same thing. It was a great summer beer and fun cellaring experiment.

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