Our Daughter's First Camping Trip

Our Daughter's First Camping Trip
Sky Is The Limit Dad!

The first camping trip with Abby, our 18th month old daughter, was a success. Though it was definably a family challenge.

We all got through it together, and on our final day, I was wanting to do it all over.

The first leg of our trip was shut down with a bad crash. Which means Abby sat strapped in her car seat for an hour longer than we planned.  Unable to move, she got antsy. So did we.

We tried our best to keep her entertained, and barely avoided a melt down. When we finally pulled into Blue Mound State Park after five hours on the road, Abby woke up; and cried.

She would continue to cry for most of Thursday night. I was convinced that if she continued this way on Friday morning, we were "going home."

Luckily on day two she felt a bit better about things. The woods became a more familiar place to her. She realized she could run freely and her curiosity got the best of her. She began touching everything she could, and took an interest in the wild life. Dare I say she became, a "happy camper?"

I'm sure it was scary for her. Waking up in the woods, with new faces and no chance of going "back into the house." There was no crib to sleep in, which made it harder for her to get sleep. Luckily my wife brought her "babies," and the group of them, finally got our scared little girl to sleep.

Each day the sleeping got better.

We went hiking, we walked the entire campground, and we even saw a pig. But what Abby loved most about camping was the other kids (well that, and eating ice out of the cooler). They all played together in the streets, riding bikes, and sitting in camping chairs, just hanging out.

I could see a trend and I liked the way things were going by the end of the trip. Next year, we must bring a bike for her.




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