My Brother's Repsonse To My Jeff Samardzija Trade Rant

My Brother's Repsonse To My Jeff Samardzija Trade Rant

A few days ago I blogged about the Cubs making a bad trade when they sent Jeff Samardzija to the Oakland A's for MORE young talent.

Yesterday my brother wrote a response highlighting why it was a good trade. I pasted it word for word below. I respect his opinion, and it's a good rebuttal.

But first, for quick reference, my brother and I are both huge White Sox fans, and we both love the game of baseball. Jamie has been involved in several Fantasy Baseball Leagues for the last 15 years, including a Keeper League, which keeps him focused on the farm (minor league system). I simply watch a LOT of Chicago baseball. So on with his response:

"Samardzija is a good pitcher and your article is well written and passionate. But I think it was an excellent trade by Theo. Samardzija is 29 and will be 31 by the time the Cubs make the playoffs. Addison Russell is the 11th pick overall in 2012 and McKinny was a 1st rounder as well. By the time the Cubs are in contention they could trade Russell/McKinney for a younger pitcher who fits more the makeup of the team at the time. Ad Russell is ranked 14th overall prospect by Baseball America and has a huge future.

Cubs are making plays for a bigger picture and that window is open in a couple years.

Theo’s first move as the Cubs GM was to bring Rizz over from Boston. He stole him and now look….trust…his is one of the very best in baseball.

Also, Cubs will have plenty of money to buy a big name when the window opens…" -Jamie Franklin


Nasty times have ensued for the Cubs since the trade, as their record has dropped to 38-52, and they have gone 0-6 in their last six games. But what Jamie seems to be talking about, along with every other Cubs blogger and fan, is the "Core 4," or the "Dream 5" taking the field. It's all about the future, and if you can keep your eyes steadily focused on that, this trade doesn't looks so bad.

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