City of Chicago Receives Another Black Eye With Jeff Samardzija Trade


And while the Cubs continue to argue over renovations at Wrigley Field, starting pitcher Jeff Samardzija dialed up another amazing performance; for the Oakland A's.

Yep, hard to stomach that and a burger this 4th of July, which must have been even harder for Cub fans to digest. Well, maybe not as hard as it was getting a signal in the middle of upper Wisconsin. But even without cell service, it was all the buzz.

Yet another guy whom the Cubs organization groomed and developed, has been sent packing. And for more YOUTH?

Was it really about money? Are you saying the Cubs couldn't afford Mr. Z? You mean there wasn't enough cash for a pitcher the Cubbies could build around? Nope, and it's too bad. He was one of the only Cubs worth watching at the moment.

So, as a Cubs fan, what do you have left? Rizzo? Castro? Jeff Samardzija was the hype man this year. He made games worth seeing and had everyone in MLB rooting for his first win. He became a leader, for a group of guys that needed direction.

Now what do you do? Do you start all over again? Where are you starting? With another shortstop?

"I think it was good on both ends," one American League scout said. "The A's are getting help right now with (Jeff) Samardzija and (Jason) Hammel, and they have Samardzija for next year, too. And the Cubs are getting help for the future.''

So the Cubs got more young players for the future, and more HOPE?

On the other hand, Jeff Samardzija got a shot at the playoffs, and a chance for a big payday. Good for him, he's a rockstar, that couldn't get a record contract in Chicago.

Jeff Samardzija never needed the Cubs, the Cubs needed him.

Let's not forget Jason Hammel either, 8W-5L, 2.98 ERA, 108 Innings pitched, 104 Strikeouts. His first game out will be against the Giants on Wednesday (7/9) at AT&T Park. I'm excited to watch!

Good luck boys, you will be missed.

Will this go down as one of the worst trades in Cubs history? Only time will tell.

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