Poster Children "Just Like You" EP, Long Out Of Print

Artist/Album: Poster Children-Just Like You EP

Reason For Purchase: Privy from the artwork, I realized that this EP was released around the same time as Junior Citizen. As a big fan of that LP and the band, I couldn't let this one pass me by.

EP Note: According to the band they wanted to "tour before Junior Citizen was released so we put out this EP. Recorded at the same time as Junior Citizen. Released by Sire/Reprise in 1994. Sorry, Warner Brothers hasn't made this available for download."

Songs To Hear: "Not Like You," "Just Like You," "What's Inside The Box," and "Uther." Actually, the whole thing flows together nicely. Progressive punk rock at it's finest.


Amazon reviewers discuss the EP, and their reasons for purchase:

"Sick Of It All" is a perennial concert staple, sort of a crunching metal version of Devo's "Be Stiff" with jangly angst bookending the tune. -iki1 (Austin, TX)

"This has some great songs, and because it's an EP it doesn't drag itself into the normal Poster Children trap of being monotonous as the record goes along. If you are interested in hearing them, pick this up." -Scott Fendley (Zionsville, IN)

Why You Want It?: It seems pretty rare and random. Grab a copy if you can because this one isn't on Spotify, Soundcloud, or available for download anywhere. You can sample it here, and see for yourself that it's chalk full of killer riffs.

Final Thoughts: There is nothing here as poppy as "He's My Star," from Junior Citizen. That was my favorite song off of the record that proceeded this EP, you can hear the song above in the Spotify player.

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