Michael Stipe's Nirvana Induction Speech For R & R Hall of Fame Is Best Ever

I usually don't watch the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame ceremonies. There's a lot of controversy on who gets in and who doesn't. The voting can be a frustrating process for fans.

For this reason I have never really paid attention to the festivities. Also, I don't get involved when I hear people arguing over who deserves to be inducted. Why bother? Music is about taste, unless you factor in statistics, like "records sold," or "hit singles."

Regardless, due to certain circumstances, I got a chance to watch the 2014 ceremony. The performances were actually good. What stuck with me most were the speeches. More specifically, Michael Stipe's touching tribute to Nirvana, and the late Kurt Cobain.

As Michael Stipe made his way to the podium, cameras panned to Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, who were about to receive their award, of course without Kurt Cobain. The look on their face seemed to be "why is he inducting us?" Now I don't know how much these guys know each other, but for a second it looked like they were a bit apprehensive about this man as inductor.

Let me tell you that after hearing this amazing speech, you can bet they were fully impressed, completely humbled and very, very proud.

He mentioned the timing and how there was nothing like Nirvana on the radio. He talked about the sound and the aggressiveness of the instrumentation. Most importantly though, how Kurt "resonated" with his listeners."Resonate." He couldn't have used a better term.

res·o·nate: to relate harmoniously :  strike a chord <a message that resonates with voters.

The voters were listening.

Stipe's speech really hit home. It personified how I felt growing up with Nirvana in the 90's. He did a great job of introducing the boys and if you have time you should watch and listen.

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