Lil' Wayne-Dedication 2 (Gansta Grillz)

 Lil' Wayne-Dedication 2 (Gansta Grillz)

Artist/Album: Lil' Wayne-Dedication 2 (Gansta Grillz)

Reason For Purchase: I'm a big fan of Lil' Wayne. His metaphor game is otherworldly. I've heard great things about this series of mixtapes, and couldn't pass this up. His last two records, were pretty awful, but I loved the first edition of I Am Not A Human Being. Too bad the follow up was filler.

Why You Want It?: Anyway, back to the subject at hand: Weezy's mixtapes. The Dedication series is highly regarded as some of his finest material. There are five entries in the series, and they are considered prime property. You only ever see them for sale on ebay, and they are not a dollar. You can download them from mixtape sites, or possibly get ripped off at Best Buy.

Songs To Hear: "Spitter," "Walk It Off," "Where The Cash At," "They Still Like Me."

Collection Worthy?: Yes, Dedication 2 has a bunch of great songs. Many of  the songs on here are better than the ones on his latest releases. As an album, it flows well, and I love his commentary on "Sportscenter," and "New Orleans." The production value still seems high, and there are a lot of good guests, that don't distract from the flow.

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