Daryl Hall Will No Longer Be Live At His House; He Sold It

If you love the show on which Daryl Hall, from Hall and Oates, jams with all sorts of accomplished artists, you might notice a few changes this season.

Live From Daryl's House can still be seen on PalladiaHD, but will soon be shot from a new location. The Pawling building, (Pawling, NY) that once housed the Towne Crier nightclub, will be the new destination.

Daryl Hall to Film His TV Show at Pawling’s Old Towne Crier Site, Create New Venue

Towne Crier nightclub... might take a little work.

He plans to start shooting the show there as soon as possible, and is actually having the venue remodeled to look like exactly like his old home.

The good news: Daryl is taping new episodes and you will still be able to watch him work his musical magic.

On another note, it seems Hall has been tapped to host a new show about historic renovations in Connecticut. The DIY channel is calling it “Daryl’s Restoration Over-Hall,”  and those renovations will include the old Towne Crier club, which will likely reopen under the name Daryl’s House.


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