UB40-"Rat In The Kitchen"

UB40-"Rat In The Kitchen"

Artist/Album Title: UB40-Rat In The Kitchen

Reason For Purchase: Simply put, it was a "Dolla, Dolla Ya'll!" I've always loved the song "Rat In Me Kitchen," and wondered how the whole record was. For a dollar, it was the perfect gamble.

Songs To Hear: "Rat In Mi Kitchen," "Sing Our Own Song," "WatchDogs."

Why You Want It?: Great reggae from the same men who brought you "Red, Red, Wine." But, the main reason you want this disc is for "Rat In Mi Kitchen," the 2nd best song they've ever written.

Collection Worthy?: No, I can't say this is collection worthy, unless you're a big fan of reggae. The Greatest Hits might be a better route if you aren't a big fan.

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