Greenville Changed My Life

Greenville, South Carolina was one of the greatest place I have lived. It had red dirt, black widows, and Winn Dixie. The people there spoke with a drawl, which made this "Chicago" accent sound really funny.

There was a parental respect in that area of the country, that I have never seen since. Your responses weren't open ended. You always closed with "Yes sir," or "No mam." If you said "No." They said; "No...what?"

"No sir" was the proper reply. Mothers ran the households. You never talked back to your elders. You'd get spanked. Even in school they had paddles and they weren't afraid to use them.

South Carolina was a life changing experience for this naive, and scared 7th grader, but little did I know it would be the awakening of my soul.

The south introduced me to rap. It wasn't called hip hop back then, and I still don't call it that now. It's RAP music, plain and simple! It embodied all the anger I was feeling from my parents divorce. It had all the energy a hyper kid needed. I talked really fast. Rappers talked really fast. They told stories. I had a lot to tell.

Many years later the love affair continues. I still rap. I still love writing lyrics. I still love the intensity of the beat driven music.

Greenville, SC was my foray into the rabbit hole of rap. For that, I owe it some love.


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