My Daughter: The Bravest, Cutest, Little Monster On Earth

My Daughter: The Bravest, Cutest, Little Monster On Earth
Me? A monster?

My daughter is the bravest, cutest, little monster on earth. I say this lightheartedly.  All jokes aside, during our first vacation something changed.

She got her independence. Ever since she has been able to walk, she thinks she's all grown up.

I told my wife one morning, "I think she is going through her terrible two's; NOW!" Yes, we can barely say the words "No" before she throws something and starts convulsing like a trapped zombie. Can you tell I love the Walking Dead by that strange reference?

We've been trying to understand our little angel, but with her new found freedom she's been a bit elusive. Even changing a diaper has proved difficult. She knows what she wants, and points at it and screams until you know too.

One morning I lost my patience, and exclaimed, "I'm not going to allow her to scream for everything she wants." My wife replied, "It's the only way she can communicate."And herein lies the paradigm of parenting, and the patience we need to persevere.

We all have different ways, and limits of what we think is acceptable. But by not giving in to Abby, things got worse, and we had a rough morning. This experience led me to believe that my wife was on to something.

If this is the only way she can communicate, I need to participate with her. But how can we curb the screaming, while still letting her know we understand?

One thing is for certain, Abby has a vast network of knowledge that I need to learn to tap into. We are trying to have patience with her, as she demands our attention at every waking moment.

Seat belts fastened, this is going to be a bumpy ride.


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