Heady Topper: The Holy Grail Of Beers

Heady Topper: The Holy Grail Of Beers

Last week I drank the holy grail of beers. Well, at least one that has been on my most wanted list for awhile.

It's a hop bomb brewed in Vermont, by a family run company called The Alchemist. You can only purchase the beer in Vermont, so you drink it there, or your friend brings it back for you.

"Be forewarned, though: It can be tough to find Heady Topper, even in Vermont's biggest city." When I called Pearl Street Beverage on a Saturday in August 2013 to confirm the price, a store employee answered the phone with: "Hello, Pearl Street Beverage. We are out of Heady Topper."-

The beer itself lived up to all the hype. It was hoppy, and smooth, a dangerous combination. The taste was one of dankness. Very piney, resinous, and bitter. A tongue twister of sorts.

The IBU's explode on your tongue, feeling like lipids of carbonation dancing around your mouth. The 8% ABV creeps in quickly, as the urge to guzzle seems second nature. I could feel a fuzzy, tingling sensation after only 4 ounces.

It's reddish hue deserves to see the light of day. Like the old joke about Dr. Pepper, you need to "let this out of the can."

I'm going to have to go ahead and give the beaut of a beer a 10 of 10. Hopefully more friends bring this one home.

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