Cut Out Kids Play The Double Door: 2-28-14

Cut Out Kids Play The Double Door: 2-28-14
The 'Kids Enjoying The Moment

Awhile back I mentioned that the Cut Out Kids became the moniker for my three piece band. We played our first live show in Chicago, on the last Friday night in February at the grand ole' Double Door. Thanks to Shoeshine Boy Productions, and the rest of the bands, it was a magical night for us.

For me, it was a bit scary taking that stage and playing at a place I have seen many of my heroes play. A little nerve-racking to say the least, but a beautiful dream come true. Besides a few mistakes that made me cringe, our band sounded well. Rob Mueller played drums and made his singing debut, and bass player James Wayman laid down thundering lines and anchored the vocals.

The best part for me was finally hearing myself sing. We first started playing in a small basement where the vocals were very muffled. Then, to prepare for this gig, we began rehearsing at LNL Studios in Elgin, where we usually used headphones. So to lose the headphones and finally hear real sound emanating from my lungs was a powerful feeling. The Double Door had the best sound-system I have ever played through, and it was a treat to say the least.

For now our 5-song EP is available at ReverbNation for free download, please take a listen. We have already started working on some newer tracks for our 2nd EP, hopefully due out this summer.




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