Chris Whitley "Perfect Day"

Chris Whitley "Perfect Day"

Artist/Album Title: Chris Whitley-Perfect Day

Reason For Purchase: I pretty much love all Chris Whitley's work, so I'd buy anything with his name on it. If it's floating around in the cut out bins, and I don't have it, I'm scooping that up.

Songs To Hear: "4th Time Around," "Perfect Day," "She's Alright" and "The Crystal Ship," which is a Doors tune. All covers here, stripped bare for the voice of Mr. Whitley.

Why You Want It?: Well, you might not want it. It's very different. If you're into Medeski, Martin, and Wood you might dig it. There is a lot of stand up bass, and jazzy drumming. Very sparse instrumental work that relies on Chris's vocals to carry you through, which he does.

Collection Worthy?: This is more for the hardcore fan, or for someone who likes traveling the off-beaten path. Perfect Day is a very eclectic collection of covers, but still a great listen.

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