Bears Hands "Distraction," RECORD OF THE YEAR?

At this point in 2014, Bear Hands has created my favorite album. It's a stellar outing of high energy, surging vocals, and colorful instrumentation, that power this record from start to finish.

The single "Giants," which was released before the full album, is what originally drew me in. A mixture of rap and rock, or what some on YouTube are calling, indie electro.

The song starts out with a lyrical attack akin to being shot out of a cannon. Words come flying at the listener, challenging them to keep up. It's a fun challenge, if you like rap and love lyrics.

Upbeat drums, driving bass lines, and spacious keys lay the perfect bed of noise, for anĀ Anthony Kiedis type rap. Picture hip hop vocals with cleaner diction than most rappers convey.

Enough about the first single though, the rest of Distraction is rock and roll bliss. Matter of fact, there are a handful of upbeat rockers on here that I'm dying to see performed live.

Speaking of live performance, I would love it if lead singer Dylan Rau shed the keyboard and rocked the stage. "Giants," Sleeping On The Floor," "Angora," and "Party Hats" all deserve a singer standing front and center, rocking the crowd, arms flailing.

I love what they have going on now, but this band could explode if Rau was able to get in front and work these tunes.

So far this is my album of the year. Bomb-Ass~!

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