The Voice Of Fear

The Voice Of Fear
Fear has kept me from going after all my dreams. It starts small, somewhere inside. Once it rears it's ugly head, I'm usually running. I never really give up, I just procrastinate and dwell on what could be.
I've always wanted to be a great singer but never took myself serious enough. My brother was always better and I thought I would never be as good. So I continued to write songs and sing them poorly, or half-assed.
Only until recently did I decide to get singing lessons and figure out what it is that I need help with to succeed.
I wanted to feel proud when I played live. Furthermore, I want the people that play with me to believe in what I'm doing as well.
The lessons have been a blessing. They have given me more options and I don't feel so suffocated anymore.
I'm not saying they I'm an amazing singer all of the sudden, but I do feel new life inside.
Fear has been pushed aside and I'm having more confidence each day, with every practice.
Any dream is possible, if we can conquer our fear. For it is the biggest obstacle we have to overcome.

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