Status Update: My Daughter Blinked!

Status Update: My Daughter Blinked!

I have been told recently that "people don't want to hear or read about everything your kid does." Well tough shit. I feel like writing about my kid. Again.

Everything Abby does is amazing to me, yet I don't post it all on Facebook or Twitter. I do leave a lot of shots on Instagram, and it might filter over to Facebook. Oh well.

Parenting is different for everybody; even for both partners in a relationship. We were all raised differently, and this reflects on how we raise our kids. I was putting my gal in the tub proper, but told by my wife, NOT to do this. "Use the blue bather" she told me. I argued saying she was too big, and that it seems better for her to have the whole tub to play in.

Can you guess what happened? Abby tried standing and fell. She did this just as my wife came in to the bathroom and yelled "Surprise!" My daughter who has now learned to walk, stood up in excitement. I went to grab her, but like Jeff Joniak once said, "Down she goes!"

She was fine, but the wife was pissed! So now I bathe her in the blue bath tub.

Update finished.



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