"No Babies Allowed!" I've Heard This Before...

"No Babies Allowed!" I've Heard This Before...

A good friend of ours is moving and we wanted to have a proper goodbye. We invited a group of folks out to have lunch and talk about his future plans, which mostly entailed getting away from this awful weather in the Chi.

My wife and I debated about getting a sitter, but that would have cost us another $75, so I said I would be the designated driver. There; it was done. Matter of fact, I would pick up this small group of friends, put Abby in the car seat and head out. That way no one had to drink and drive in this crazy weather and my little gal could come along.

We headed out to Piece Pizza and had the amazing Honey Butter Fried Chicken pizza they are baking for a limited time, and everyone else imbibed from the list of sexually connotated beers that Piece has artfully mastered. A glass of "Full Frontal" anyone? How about a sip of "Camel Toe?"

Lunch was great and Abby was too. She played at the table and had the most fun biting the disgusting menu. We spent an hour there, paid the tab and left. Someone said "Let's stop and have one more with Vernon at The Map Room." I didn't mind. The only tricky part was parking in the latest 5 inches of snow we just received.

Truth be told, it was fun and easy. Sometimes being the designated driver can be fun and rewarding. We headed over to The Map Room, just around 3pm. As soon as we stepped in the door, the bartender yelled: "No Babies In The Bar!" My wife was really cool and said she would head across the street to Starbucks to get us coffee. I said I would go with since I was driving and the rest of the gang could have a craft beer in the capital of the craft beer world.

Something funny happened in between the time we walked across the street and ordered a coffee. The group refused to drink there! They said The Map Room would "just lose our business," because that was the most ridiculous thing they have ever heard. I then mentioned the much ado musings about Alinea. I named dropped the hell out of Chicago Now and how all of us bloggers weighed in on whether babies should be allowed to be in high end restaurants and bars.

The whole group had read about it, and understood that situation. We all talked about it on the ride over to Quencher's Saloon, a killer craft beer bar that DOES ALLOW BABIES! They all agreed that they wouldn't want to patronize a place that doesn't allow a baby in a bar. They went a step further saying it was ludicrous how they yelled it across the room as we walked in.

The rest of the day was safe and fun. I do understand the Map Room and their rules. It's a little pretentious, but I can go along with the notion that some folks don't want to drink expensive beers while a little girl marvels and shrieks at all the interesting eye candy inside those close quarters. That's fine, and probably worked out better for all parties involved. We found an open room, and our group found some awesome beers.

Farewell Vernon. "May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back." We hope you find whatever it is you're looking for, and that those who meet you are as blessed as us.


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