Is My Daughter Playing Me?

Is My Daughter Playing Me?

Is my daughter playing me? That is the question.

During the last year she has been the greatest sleeper. She will wake randomly during some nights with teething problems, for a diaper change, or some sort of fussiness. But usually, she finds herself to sleep.

Lately, during the middle of the night, she has been waking up crying. But why?

We went through all the possible causes for her waking. Clean diaper? Check! Pink Giraffe? Check! Room temperature? Good! Teething? Well, it's possible. It just didn't seem like she was crying out in pain.

It seems like more of a whine. A whine that comes across as "get me out of this cold crib, and into your warm bed."

You see, when your tired and both you and your partner are barely getting any sleep, you exercise the quickest cure for crying. Let me take it a step further. As a sleep deprived zombie, you want to extinguish any noise that is cancelling out your sleep. So, we have been bringing the girl into our bed, and I think she's hooked.

No, she's not addicted to the warmth of our togetherness, rather the softness of our bed.

She's learning to dislike her crib, and wouldn't you? To begin with there are no blankets in her crib. She's adorned nightly with a sleep sack that is more of a leg brace then a blanket. And while her mattress is very nice, it probably doesn't compare to the four inches of memory foam she's been getting used to.

Hmm.. I'm starting to see a pattern...and I think we are getting played.


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