Born Ruffian's "Birthmarks" Album Is One You Shouldn't Miss

In between the glut of albums I have waiting for listen on Spotify, I somehow lost track of this gem. The worst part is, that I forgot to add Born Ruffians Birthmarks to my Top Albums of 2013.

First off, check out "Needle," and the sparse arrangements that make it so enjoyable.

Everything is clear sounding, the instruments seem to work around each other and the vocals take president. Birthmarks is full of beautiful arrangements, and pretty melodies. In my opinion, this is the best thing the 'Ruffians have done to date.

Other favorites include "Ocean's Deep," with it's rolling bass lines being thrown at the listener. The guitar just bounces right off and you nod your head.

I love "Cold Pop" and the shimmering guitars that drive it. It starts off like Radiohead but ends up like Paul Simon. Yep; try it on for size!

"Rage Flows" has a Divine Fits feel, and "Dancing On The Edge Of Our Graves" continues the classic rock Paul Simon vibe, showing incredible growth for such a young band.



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