You Keep Me Guessing

This song came back to me while cleaning our storage unit. It's amazing how old memories are attached to songs. I don't know what I picked up, put away, or threw out? But whatever it was, it got me singing.
That song that came to mind was by "Keep Me Guessing" by The Reivers. One of the simplest pop songs ever written and one of the best. Everytime I play this song, I play the rest of the album once or twice.

It reminds me of days when I was younger and I played in bands with my older brother. I always looked up to him, and listened to a lot of the same music he did. The Smiths, Paul Simon and the 'Pumpkins. He bought this CD after seeing the video for "Breathing Easy" on 120 Minutes. It became a staple upstairs at grandmas house.




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