Would You Wear A Watch That Counts Down The Seconds Until Your Death?

IMAGINE SOMEONE TOLD YOU that you only had 1 year left to live. How would that change your life?-Tikker

I was watching the greatest show on television, The Colbert Report, and Steven talked about something I had not yet heard of. "Tikker," a watch the literally counts down the seconds till your death. You give them your health facts, and they send you a watch that will tell you when you die. Sort of...

Anyway you can watch the video, to get all the details, but it just seems too cryptic for me. I think wearing a reminder of my own death is depressing.

I understand that we all need a kick in the rear sometimes. Hence the reason why grannies still skydive. It has to do with that desire to challenge life. "What do we have to lose?" or What am I waiting for?" "What was I afraid of?"

I love watches. I like to stare at them, marvel a bit, and they've become an addiction I had to nip in the bud. You can't wear that many and they have become pricey over the years. I just wouldn't want to wear one that made me feel unhappy or afraid.

Anger or forgiveness? Tic-toc. Wearing a frown or a smile? Tic-toc. Happy or upset? Tic-toc.-Tikker

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? I would love to hear them.

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