Why Do The Cubs Need a Jumbotron? Is Revenue Really The Answer Here?

Why Do The Cubs Need a Jumbotron? Is Revenue Really The Answer Here?
So...you're thinking this would look good?

In no other industry does a perennial also-ran continue to see its value increase. --Phil Rosenthal

Need we go further?

It's funny that Cubs fans themselves are mad at rooftop owners now. I'd like to express every profanity in the world to them, or towards them. But, sadly, I can't. My wife is one of them too.

I've always said it would be nice for them to win the series, at least once for her, and the rest of the fans who bleed Cubby blue.

But, this whining is so old. If it isn't the rooftop owners, it's some other excuse. A goat. Bartman. Now the Rooftop Owners? Wikipedia is brimming with reasons why the Cubs haven't won.

If the Cubs were bringing in high priced talent, I could see the dilemma. Instead they are going with youth, and numbers. They brought in a stat guy, and have been doing well with the rebuilding process. Look at Rizzo, Barney, Lake, ValBuena. Look at the WHOLE team. These things take time; not a JUMBOTRON. Why is that, now, the be all end all?

 "The rooftop owners pay annual royalty fees to the Cubs pursuant to the royalty agreement. The total annual royalty fees paid by the rooftop owners to the Cubs pursuant to the royalty agreement are approximately $2,500,000." -JACK BOUBOUSHIAN

This debacle is not the fault of the rooftop owners. Rooftops offer a great service. Yes, they are expensive, but they offer another option for baseball fans, hockey fans, and concert goers, if you will.

If the Cubs want to control them, they should BUY them. But that sounds like a boardgame of Monopoly. It's good to have some different owners and democracy in Wrigleyville. It balances the scales.

I won't continue to beat a dead goat, I mean horse. Just seems like the rooftop owners have become a scapegoat. Whoops, I did it again.

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