The Royalty's "Lovers" Lying In Wait

Artist/Album Title: The Royalty-Lovers

Reason For Purchase: Heard good things about band, sampled on Spotify while perusing. Woman lead singer, with influences that I love. Tonya Donnelly, Nina Pearson, and Harriet Wheeler.

Songs To Hear: "Saint Bowie," Bartender," "Other Boys," & "I Want You."


Why You Want It?: Do you like 90's rock? There is a Belly like sound to "I Want You," upbeat and happy. Great driving music, or prepping for that big date. Every song is good, no filler.

Collection Worthy?: Yes, this one is worth it! Great from start to finish. Lead singer Nicole Boudreau has an amazing voice that draws in and makes you want to read the lyrics. She has a sexiness to her as well.

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