My Little Gal

My Little Gal
Bubbles With Dad!

As I wrote my last post, my daughter continued to fight sleep. Since my wife was out for drinks, I thought I would spoil the little gal. I fed her fun stuff, gave her a long bath and let her stay up a half hour later than normal.

I put her sleep sack on and let her watch Trampled By Turtles rock "There Goes My Mind," a brilliant Pixies cover. Apparently this wasn't good enough. My wife never let's her cry, sometimes I do. You see, she falls asleep in my wife's arms so usually when Jen puts her to bed, she is out cold. But, while she's doing it this way, she always runs the chance of her waking up when you do the "crib drop."

She won't fall asleep in my arms anymore, so I dance with her to the children's instrumental version of "What A Wonderful Life." Tonight she got 3 songs of dance, including a killer instrumental of "Jesus Loves Me." When I put her down she got right back up and started pouting when I left. The look she gave me when I left the room cut a hole in my heart. But I need to be strong.

It's so hard hearing something you love so much cry. It's conflicting. If I go in there and get her, she will never go to sleep in the afternoons where we go through the same process. But at night she expects her mother to put her down, so nothing is good enough.

She's asleep now, but the last fifteen minutes kind of broke my heart, though I think it was for the best. Kids know exactly what they can get away with from each parent. I'm trying to be strong. If she asked me for the stars tomorrow, I'd do my best to get her one.

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