A Great American Single From The English Singles-Best of 2013 Continues

I caught this great number by the English Singles on the radio. Yes I said radio. In Bloomington, Illinois college radio is still prevalent as the two big colleges in town create a lot of interest. Illinois Wesleyan and Illinois State pack a lot of students in town and there is a need for new music. This has afforded Wesleyan the luxury of bandwidth on the FM dial.

The first thing I do when I roll into town on good ole' Veterans Parkway, is put my cowboy hat on, and search for my pistol. Kidding!

I turn the dial to 88.1 FM, WESN, "Radio to the Far Left." I know I can always find something great there, and the DJ's have no preconceived notions of what they should sound like. They play what they like and talk about the music.

This is where I first heard "Ordinary Girls." It sounded upbeat, and happy, which is always a great start. Turned out to be a piece of pop candy, that had me hitting the local record stores for more info. Yes, I said record stores. College towns usually have them, as college kids still love music and the perusing of these shops.

Wouldn't you know it? I walked into Waiting Room Records and that same damn song was on! Yep, no joke. I asked the kid at the counter, in a omniscient manner, "Is this The English Singles?" Store clerk looked back with a snarky smile and said "Yes, it is!"

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