The Greatest Birthday Present Ever


This year I'll be celebrating my birthday with two great girls! My wife Jen, and my daughter Abby. Last year my wife did the most sacrificial thing a human could do and carried our baby. That little girl caught us off guard coming five weeks early, and we didn't even have a place to set the little creature when we got home. Luckily we did have a name picked out: Abby.

Each afternoon, when I hear her wake I open her bedroom door to the greatest smile you could ever lay eyes on. She looks right through me, excited to hear my footsteps and see my face. She laughs and claps her hands, something she's just recently learned. I clap back, just as excited as her.

I reach in the crib to pick up my new favorite toy, and she wraps her arms around my neck. It's the greatest feeling, the warmest love. When I pick her up it seems to release the weight of the world from my shoulders. For a minute, nothing could be more perfect. Then; I have to check her diaper...

But seriously, I have received no greater gift in my life than my daughter, thanks to my wife. I look forward to reliving that walk to her bedroom every day of my life. We have had many family members lose little ones, and we know how sacred these lives are. Because of this, we are reminded each day how special it is to have a healthy baby. For that reason alone, we are truly blessed.

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