Dreams Are Much Easier To Accomplish When You Have Help

Dreams Are Much Easier To Accomplish When You Have Help

When I met my wife I was working in the trades as an electrician. Not a bad thing, but I didn't love it. My goal was to be on the air, either radio or TV, when I wasn't doing music, that is. She helped me get two degrees and set me on the path towards my dreams.

She walked me back to my Jr college to sit with a counselor and hear that I was only two courses shy of an Associates Of Science Degree. Once I finished that up she prodded me to apply for DePaul. I told her there was no way on earth they would accept me. She drove me down to speak with a counselor, and two weeks later I was accepted to De-Pizzle University.

Once on the broadcasting track, she told me to look into getting my own radio show. I was scared to death. A year later I was Marketing Director with an Alternative Show "Radstarr Radio," on Thursdays from 6-10pm.

Graduating from DePaul with honors never seemed possible; though I did. She came to watch the ceremony and took me out to pizza with my brother, just the three of us. She was a parent, and a friend. She was a believer in me and saw things I never thought I was capable of.

As I look back, I can't believe how I got here, and I owe much of it to her. Dreams are much easier to accomplish when you have help.

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